BIO-CATOLET Woodensoft

Made from sustainable resources of coniferous wood from Black Forest (fir and spruce trees)

The natural plant fibres of BIO-CATOLET Woodensoft cat litter very quickly absorb 3 times their own weight of liquid.

BIO-CATOLET Woodensoft cat litter forms clumps, which can be removed easily. Therefore BIO-CATOLET Woodensoft cat litter is especially economic in usage and your litter tray remains longer fresh.


Fill a deep tray with up to 5 to 7cm of BIO-CATOLET Woodensoft cat litter.

Daily remove clumps and solid waste. Clumps up to walnut-size may be disposed of by flushing away in the toilet. Larger clumps must be disposed of by composting or with domestic waste. Always observe local regulations on waste disposal.

Weekly, wash the tray using a mild household disinfectant and rinse thoroughly and dry before refilling.


Pregnant women, breast-feeding mothers and infants must keep away from soiled litter as cat waste may contain harmful germs. Always use disposable gloves when handling pet waste or cleaning the tray.