SILICA cat litter

5 l (about 2.1 kg) of SILICA cat litter lasts 30 days! 
1 cat – 1 bag – 1 month

Monthly consumption in comparison: 5 l of SILICA litter corresponds to about 20 kg of conventional cat litter containing clay.

SILICA cat litter made of pure silica sand is 100% natural – extremely absorbent – odour-absorbing and dust-free.

Without chemical additives, eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable. Reacts hydroscopically. Urine is soaked up immediately, odours are absorbed and remaining moisture evaporates instantly. The litter remains dry to the touch, has an antibacterial effect and a long service life.

Easy to use

Remove solid excrement, then simply mix the used litter with the unused cat litter. Once a month, when the litter is completely discoloured, totally clean the litter box and fill new litter to a height of 3-4 cm.

Economical consumption and low-cost disposal

At about 2.1 kg per month, SILICA litter means many times less volume and weight to dispose of than with conventional mineral cat litter with about 20 l.

Filling height 3-4 cm

Filling height
3-4 cm