Eco cat litter made from cellulose/pulp

Noticeably soft and paw-friendly cat litter

Simple and hygienic – absolutely environmentally friendly – climate-friendly production according to ISO 14040.

Extremely absorbent

Thanks to the highly absorbent pulp/cellulose fibres, in the key first five seconds more than 180% of liquid is immediately soaked up. They seal in odours naturally – nothing seeps through. Nothing sticks to the bottom or edges of the litter box.

Reliable odour absorption

The hygiene litter, which smells pleasant to cats and owners, contains fragrance ingredients (Duftguard) that additionally and reliably neutralise odours before they can occur.

Extra light and dust-free

BIO-CATOLET hygiene litter is light to transport. The 12 l bag weighs only about 4 kg – is pleasant, dust-free and does not affect the respiratory tract of animals.

Economical and easy to use – goes a long way

The used litter swells visibly, remains compact. Simply remove the litter and refill. It does not disintegrate into fine particles and leaves no marks. Nothing sticks to the fur or paws.

Inexpensive, easy disposal

In the organic waste/compost bin or flushed down the household toilet in small walnut-sized portions – no burden on sewage treatment plants. With reduced household waste – great savings in the household.

100% compostable – completely rotted in about 64 days.

No burden on landfills.