In retailing, logistics plays a major role. Precisely timed scheduling, optimal route planning and timely delivery to the customer call for personal commitment and reliable systems.

  • EDI delivery processes
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EDI delivery processes

The direct connection of our customers’ ERP systems optimises the delivery processes, from ordering and delivery to invoicing at the customer.

Logistics glossary

EDI: Electronic Data Interchange,

Electronic exchange of data 

EAN: European Article Number,

European product identification number

SSCC: Serial Shipping Container Code 

Number of the shipping unit

GDSN: Global Data Synchronisation Network

International platform for master data exchange

GTIN: Global Trade Item Number

International trade item (products and services) management 

GLN: Global Location Number

International company registration

SCM: Supply Chain Management 

Organisation of the supply chain

Logistic partner

Reliable logistic partners guarantee a save and correct supply of our products to all customers europe-wide.